Adirondack Settee


We mold each Adirondack Settee by hand from local cedar and painted with penetrating stain. Our customers tell us that they do not blow away. They hug you when you sit in them. You can sit in them for a long time but be careful you will fall asleep! We offer pick-up and free delivery on PEI,NS and NB

Our chairs are made with your comfort in mind. The distance from the back of the chair to the rounded front is approximately the same as from the small of you back to your knee. The front is rounded over so it dose not dig in you knee. The chair back is curved to fit your back. The table will fit two dinner plates or a platter of cheese with wine. The chair legs are made from 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 to add weight to the bottom. Also the back slats are spaced to allow the wind to blow through so the chair dose not blow over.

Thank you, Roger.

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